Upgrading your Casa membership

You can easily upgrade your Casa membership to a higher level anytime. 

If you have an existing Single Key wallet, or an existing Basic Multisig wallet in your Casa App, those wallets will not be affected when you upgrade. 

For example, if you have a Casa Gold membership, and have set up a Single Key wallet and a 2-of-3 Basic Multisig wallet and you upgrade your account to Platinum, you'll just have additional access to your new 3-of-5 Key Shield, which you'll set up with a totally new set of keys. 

In the above example, you can continue to use any 3 of your wallets indefinitely.

How do I sign up?

You can use the following links to upgrade. Simply click the link, sign into your Casa account, and pay for the upgrade. 

Upgrade to Gold or learn more about Gold

Upgrade to Platinum or learn more about Platinum

Upgrade to Diamond or learn more about Diamond

Note that if you have recently paid for another membership, then you should be automatically prorated for any unused time on that membership. For example, if you paid $120 for Gold 6 months ago (1/2 a year), then upgrade to Platinum, you will automatically get $60 off your Platinum membership at checkout. 


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