What membership plan should I get?

Casa offers a wide range of membership options.

We recommend membership levels based on the value of the funds you need to secure.

Membership level $ USD value
Silver Up to $1,000
Gold Up to $75,000
Platinum $75,000 to $500,000
Diamond $500,000+

Do I have to follow these recommendations?

No. The above USD values are simply recommendations, not requirements. By design, there is absolutely no limit to the amount you can store on any of our plan levels. 

We recommend higher membership levels based on value because higher membership levels offer increasingly higher levels of security with additional security features. 

Some Gold members (our cheapest paid plan), for example, use Casa to secure much more than $75,000. Likewise, some Diamond members (our most expensive paid plan) are securing far less than $500,000.

Should I only consider USD value?

There are other reasons why a certain membership may be right for you. For example, the value of your holdings may be less than $500,000, but having the Team Signing feature at the Diamond level is important to you. 

You can check out our membership level overview for more information on each membership.

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