Using Casa with Choice

Many US-based Casa customers choose to use Casa to secure the bitcoin that is associated with their self-directed IRA (individual retirement account) funds. 

You can learn more about using Casa for a self-directed IRA here

For the best customer experience for those who want to use Casa for their IRA funds, Casa partners with Choice, a Bitcoin-focused retirement account service.




While Choice offers the option to store your Bitcoin for you (custodial), they also also offer the option to "hold your own keys" by using Casa (self custodial).

While Choice does partner with Casa, our products are completely separate, and there is no direct account integration. 

Do I have to use Choice, specifically, to store my IRA funds? 

You are not required to use Choice, specifically, but the partnership that we have with them offers the best customer experience while ensuring that you meet the regulatory requirements of a self-directed IRA in the United States. 

How do I get started with Casa/Choice? 

  1. Prior to setting up a Casa account, you should register an account with Choice here.
  2. Once you register with Choice (or if you already have an account with Choice) let them know that you're interested in holding your own keys with Casa.
  3. Choice will formally introduce you to us 
  4. We at Casa will give you a coupon code to sign up for your Casa Gold account without paying a membership fee (Choice pays this on your behalf)
  5. Sign up for a Casa account and make sure to use the coupon code
  6. Set up your keys in Casa App
  7. Contact Choice to request that they send your bitcoin to your Casa wallet

Can Casa store funds other than Bitcoin?

While Choice offers the ability to store some alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins), Casa is a Bitcoin-focused company, and does not offer the ability to store any other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. 

Can I still benefit from Casa's Refer-a-Friend program?

If you're a Choice customer, you can still refer friends to Casa! Every friend you refer will still receive an instant discount on their first year of membership. However, because technically your account is through Choice, you will not receive the referral discount on your next renewal. Likewise, if a friend refers you to Casa and you sign up via Choice, you'll still need to pay the full first year membership payment.

Using Casa with Choice allows you to hold your own keys, and gives you peace-of-mind that your bitcoin will be secure for the years to come.

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