Diamond - 3 of 6 Multisignature

Casa Diamond is the highest level of service and security available in Bitcoin. Dedicated Client Advisors serve you, your family, and your team.

"Multisig," short for "Multisignature," is a form of digital key management that splits a private key into multiple parts, with a minimum required portion of the keys required for spending. 

Casa's Diamond membership features an advanced 3 of 5 multisig key manager. This is a 5-part bitcoin private key, with 3 parts required to spend funds. 

With our Inheritance through Casa Covenant package, included for free exclusively with Diamond, you can optionally have a 3 of 6 multisig keyset. 

What features does the Diamond Membership offer?

A Casa Diamond membership offers:

  • Up to five "3 of 5" or "3 of 6" multisig keysets
  • An additional 2 of 3 keyset (optional)
  • A Single Key wallet
  • 3 hardware devices included in the membership
  • Complimentary device replacement
  • An integrated Bitcoin purchase option
  • Hands on, customized, one-on-one setup support from our Client Services team
  • Unlimited recovery signing via live video verification, with options to set up things like "duress" words, which would trigger our team to take additional actions on your behalf
  • Absolute world-class support and advice on everything from how you should think about storing your keys, to how you should think about inheritance
  • Inheritance through Casa Covenant
  • Team Signing
  • Dedicated Client Services Representative
  • Access to exclusive events 

How much Bitcoin is Diamond designed to secure? 

There is no minimum or maximum amount of BTC that customers can store on any of our plan levels.

That being said, we recommend Diamond for those holding in excess of $500,000 USD worth of BTC, or have specific needs regarding inheritance, or family/team funds management needs. 




How much does Diamond cost? 

A Casa Diamond membership is a flat cost of $5,000 USD, paid once annually. 

How do I get started with Diamond? 

You can sign up for Diamond and get started right away here:


Want to chat more about Diamond to see if it's right for you? You can book a call with our team here anytime. 

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