Resetting Casa Recovery Key questions for Gold members

The Casa Recovery Key at the Gold membership level is one of the three keys in your multisig keyset that is able to sign and send transactions in Casa App. The Recovery Key is the only key that is managed by Casa. The Recovery Key cannot by itself be used to send funds, but it can be used in combination with one of your other keys in the event that you lose access to your third key.

To authenticate use of the Casa Recovery Key at the Gold membership level, you must successfully answer a set of 3 security questions that you chose when you first set up your keys in Casa App. 

Casa App at the Gold membership level allows you to change the security questions you use to access the Casa Recovery Key.

Note: For Platinum and Diamond clients, the Casa Recovery Key is authenticated via a video verification call with our Client Services team. If you are a Platinum or Diamond member and wish to reset your recovery photo, please reach out to your Client Services rep. 

Why would I want to change/reset these questions? 

There are a few scenarios where you may need to change the security questions associated with your Casa Recovery Key at the Gold level:

  • You've forgotten the answers to the questions
  • You are worried about forgetting the answers and want to change them to something more memorable
  • The answers to one or more of your questions may have "leaked" or become public

How do I change the questions?

To change your recovery questions, you will need to prove ownership over your other keys by cryptographically signing a message with both of the other keys that you control. 

At the Gold level, this is usually your Mobile Key (stored on your phone), and your hardware key (secured on a dedicated hardware device). Gold members who have opted out of the Mobile Key, and use two hardware devices instead will need to sign a message with each of those hardware keys.

Here’s how:

  1. Tap on the Recovery Key icon (the Casa logo).
  2. Tap "Change Recovery Questions."
  3. Enter your app's passcode or authenticate biometrically via fingerprint or FaceID.
  4. Follow the instructions to verify that you control the other two keys in your wallet by signing from both of the keys that you control.


Once you have signed with both of your keys, you can now select new questions and answers the exact same way you created them when you first created your account. Decide you don’t want to change your questions? You can cancel anytime.

We recommend either writing down the answers to the questions and keeping them in tamper-evident packaging in a secure location, or saving the answers to your questions in a password manager.

Important note:

  • You’ll verify your two keys by performing Health Checks (applying a digital signature). Verifying your identity and intent in this way using your keys allows us to protect your privacy.
  • It is important to remember to perform Health Checks on all your keys every 6 months for optimal security. 
  • For added protection, there is a 72-hour delay on security question resets. If you decide not to go through with the update, the process will cancel automatically once the countdown reaches zero.
  • If you don’t have your two keys available, you won’t be able to reset your security questions. If you’ve lost one of your keys, you’ll need to replace it by performing a key rotation and then verify both keys before you can reset your questions.



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