Emergency Lockdown (Gold)

Casa Gold members have a feature in Casa App called Emergency Lockdown.

The Emergency Lockdown feature is meant to be used in a situation of danger or increased risk to your security. 

You can press this button if you ever feel like you’re in a situation where your funds could be at risk. Activating Emergency Lockdown will freeze any activity, including signing in, across your Casa account for 72 hours.

Situations where you may use the emergency lockdown feature:

  • There is a physical threat or high possibility of physical threat
  • You are traveling with your Casa App

Your Casa account will never be locked without your explicit authorization.

To use Emergency Lockdown, just tap the big red button on your 'Help' tab.

When you enable Emergency Lockdown, three things happen:

  1. You are immediately logged out of your Casa App.
  2. Your Casa account is locked for 72 hours; you can’t log in during this time and Casa won’t be able to restore your access.
  3. After 72 hours, the lockdown lifts automatically and you can log back in.


NOTE: You will not get any emails from Casa notifying you of the lockdown request. The account will be unlocked automatically after 72 hours.

This is different than the app lockdown we offer at the Platinum and Diamond levels of membership, where your account is unlocked after a verification call with our Client Services team. 

See: Emergency Lockdown (Platinum and Diamond)

What happens after 72 hours?

You’ll be able to log back into your Casa App as normal, safely.

Can Casa let me back into my app before 72 hours?

No. Also note that Casa’s team will be on guard that an adversary may have access to your account and will be especially cautious reviewing communications from you during this time.

Why 72 hours? Can I change the amount of time my account is locked down?

It’s rare that victims can be held more than 48 hours, so we’ve selected 72 hours to reflect buffer time on top of that. The 72 hour limit currently cannot be customized.

Can I still send funds using Sovereign Recovery? 

Sovereign Recovery instructions are laid out and intended to be used in an emergency scenario in which Casa servers are offline. 

In the standard setup of one hardware device key and the Mobile Key, you will not be able to log into the app in offline mode to export the Mobile Key for Sovereign Recovery during the time that you account is locked down. 

If you are on a non-standard setup and use two hardware devices in your 2-of-3 keyset, then Sovereign Recovery can be used to send funds outside of Casa App regardless of the lockdown period. In this scenario, you would need to have access to both hardware devices in your keyset, as well as the PIN codes (if enabled) for those hardware devices.

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