Adding Keystone to your Casa keyset

Keystone is one of several compatible hardware devices that you can use as part of your Casa multisig setup. 

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This article walks through how to add a Keystone device to your Casa keyset. 

If you haven't set up (initialized) your Keystone device yet, see our article on Keystone Setup

Don't have a Keystone device, but want one? You can purchase one directly from the manufacturer here

NOTE: Make sure you have installed Keystone's BTC-only firmware v 2.0 or above or you will not be able to add the device to Casa!

See Keystone's article on how to update the firmware to BTC only if you have not already done so.

Adding the Keystone device to Casa

If you are replacing an existing key in your keyset with your new Keystone, please see our article on replacing a key prior to proceeding further. 

If you are ready to replace your key, or you are adding this key for the first time, start by tapping the key in your Casa App that you want to add, then tap "Setup Hardware Key."


Next, select "Keystone," then tap "Continue."


If you've already set up your Keystone device and updated the firmware to BTC only, tap "Continue, It's Setup."


Next, you'll get a prompt like this, letting you know that Casa App is ready to scan the QR code from your Keystone device.


On your Keystone device, tap into the main menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Then, select, "Multisig Wallet," then "Casa Mode," then "Export XPUB." 

Your Keystone device will show you a QR code to scan using Casa App on your phone. Scan the QR code shown to you by your Keystone device using Casa App on your phone.

If it worked, you'll get a "Success" message, like this: 


That's it! Your Keystone device is now part of your Casa setup. 

You can perform a health check on your Keystone device anytime to verify that the key is ready to be used when it's needed. Just make sure that all of your keys in your multisig wallet are set up and connected!

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Ready to send funds from your Casa App and sign using your Keystone device? Check out Signing a transaction with Keystone.

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