Signing a Transaction with Keystone

This guide details how to sign a Bitcoin transaction using your Keystone device. 

First, create a transaction as normal by tapping "Send" from your keyset.


Enter the amount you want to send, then input the Bitcoin address you're sending to, just like any other transaction.

When you begin signing the transaction with your hardware device, you'll select "Sign with Keystone Instead" at this step. 


On the next screen, you'll be prompted to scan the QR code from your Keystone device using Casa App on your mobile phone.


To find the QR code on your Keystone device, navigate to: 

Multisig Wallet > Signing History > Scan Icon

PXL_20210930_211634436.jpg              PXL_20210930_211646188.jpg

Scan the QR code shown in your Casa App from the Keystone device. You'll be prompted to confirm the transaction and enter your device's passphrase / fingerprint authentication.

Once you've scanned the QR code in Casa App using your Keystone device, there's still one more important step. You'll next need to scan the QR code generated by your Keystone device using your Casa App on your mobile phone.

When you're ready to scan, tap "Got it, I'm Ready to Scan."


Next, scan the QR code using your phone.

That's it! You've successfully signed a Bitcoin transaction using your Keystone device. 

If there are other required signatures in your multisig transaction, you'll need to apply them separately. When all key signatures have been applied, you can tap "Complete Transaction" to broadcast your transaction to the Bitcoin network.


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