Signing a transaction with Passport

This guide details how to sign a transaction using your Passport device. 

First, create a transaction as normal by tapping "Send" from your vault. Enter the amount you want to send, then enter the address you're sending to, just like any other transaction.

When you begin signing the transaction with your hardware device ("Tap to add a new signature"), you'll see a screen that says "Sign this transaction with your hardware device." At this step, you'll select "Sign with QR Code Instead," since Passport allows for QR-code signing. 


You should now see a screen that says "Get ready to sign with your Passport Device."

Turn on and unlock your Passport device. Then, do the following on your device: 

  1. Select "Sign with QR code"
  2. Scan the QR code that the Casa app has generated for you using the device's rear camera
  3. Confirm the amount you want to send
  4. Confirm the destination address
  5. Click "Continue"
  6. When shown a network fee, click "Continue"

A QR code will now be generated by your device, which you will scan using the camera on your phone, though your Casa app. 

In your Casa app, just tap "Continue, it's scanned," and at the next page, select "Got It, I'm ready to Scan."


Now, the Casa app will open your phone's camera, and you'll have the option to scan QR code you see on your device from your Casa app.


That's it! You've signed your transaction using your Passport.

If there are any other signatures to apply to your outgoing multisig transaction, you must apply those signatures prior to being able to send the funds. 

If Passport was your last signature, you should see the option to send the transaction, broadcasting it to the network.


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