1. Setting up your Casa Key Shield

Most people today use single-signature wallets, which means they require only one signature to send funds out of that wallet. These wallets also provide a single seed phrase, which is a list of 12 or 24 words, to use as a backup. Unfortunately, this seed phrase is a single point of failure.

The Casa Key Shield, on the other hand, is a multisig wallet. Casa uses five seed phrases, or keys, to create one wallet. The multisig wallet also requires multiple signatures from any three out of those five keys in order to send funds. Because of this, your security is a lot more flexible, redundant, and safe. 
Before we continue, let's prepare for your multisig setup by going over the following topics:
  1. Browser and desktop prerequisites for Casa
  2. Seed phrases and the mostly seedless setup
  3. Basics of digital security hygiene
  4. Setup checklist

Setting up your hardware devices

Casa works closely with several leading hardware device manufacturers to ensure your Key Shield is created with the most secure, reliable, and user-friendly devices. The articles below will walk you through how to set up hardware wallets such as the Trezor, Ledger, Coldcard, Keystone, and Passport:
  1. Basics of hardware wallet security (PIN, mostly seedless setup, multi-device, multi-location)
  2. Setting up Trezor One for use with Casa
  3. Setting up Ledger for use with Casa
  4. Setting up Coldcard for use with Casa
  5. Setting up Keystone for use with Casa
  6. Setting up Passport for use with Casa

Activating your Key Shield

Now that your hardware devices have been set up properly, your next step is to activate your Key Shield using Casa App on your phone. If you haven't already, download Casa App on iOS or Android and log in using the same email address and password you used when you purchased your plan.

Once you are logged in, continue with the steps below:

  1. Activate your Key Shield
  2. Secure your seed phrase and label your devices

After you've activated your Key Shield, your last step is to schedule your final security review call. Look for a link to book the final onboarding call through the email we send you. 

Need help?

Are you having trouble setting up your Casa Key Shield? Reach out to us via Casa App to schedule a one-on-one hardware wallet setup call.

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