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Casa's Private Clients receive an advanced 5-key vault by default. This is a vault with five keys, which requires any three of them be used together to send funds.

You can optionally update your BTC vault to have a 6th key, which creates a 6-key vault. (ETH vaults do not support a 6th key at this time.)

NOTE: In both the 5-key vault and the 6-key vault, any three keys are needed to move funds.

Why would I add a 6th key?

The 6th key offers more redundancy for your vault. It could be stored separately from your other keys, perhaps in a different geographic region (if yours is prone to natural disasters), or simply be an extra key that you can use to sign transactions in the event that your Office or Safe Key is not accessible. 

You may also wish to use a 6th key along with the Team signing feature available to Private Clients, for additional flexibility in key distribution to other members of your team or family.

Creating your 6-key vault

To set up your 6-key vault, tap key icon beneath your 5-key vault, then tap the three dots at the top right corner to open advanced options.

Press "Switch to Six Key Setup" and click "Confirm and Continue" to confirm.


Choose the hardware device you want to use to set up the 6th key and click "Continue" and "Continue" again. You will receive an email with a link to connect your new key with the 6-key vault.

Go ahead and open your email on your computer, connect the hardware device to your computer, and follow the instructions in the email to link the device to your vault.


We recommend that this key be stored in a separate geographic location from your other keys.


Transferring funds to the new 6-key vault

Adding a 6th key to your vault will create a brand new vault. This means that you will need to transfer the funds from the old 5-key vault to the new 6-key vault in an on-blockchain transfer.

You will see a "Funds Transfer Required" button on your vault. Tap that button and choose "Continue Guided Recovery" to start the transaction process. 

Remember that you will need to sign this transaction with three keys from the original 5-key vault. You cannot use the new 6th key to sign the transaction that transfers the funds out of the old 5-key vault.

Going back to a 5-key vault

You can always go back to the standard 5-key vault if the 6-key setup isn't right for you.

Follow the same steps you did to add a 6th key and choose the option "Switch to Five Key Setup" and follow the app's instructions.

Once again, this will create a brand new vault, which is initially empty. You will need to transfer the funds from the now "old 6-key vault to the new 5-key vault in an on-chain transfer.


Once you complete this step, your funds will be back in a 5-key vault!

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