QR code signing in Casa vaults

Some hardware devices that are compatible with Casa vaults, such as Keystone and Passport, can apply transaction signatures using QR code signing. 

QR code signing is a method of applying a signature to a transaction by scanning the signature request, then the signature, via QR codes.

The signature request is scanned by the hardware device's camera, then your mobile phone (with the Casa app) scans the QR code signature generated by the hardware device.

QR code signing eliminates the need for a separate computer to connect the hardware device to when applying a signature. All you need is your mobile phone with your Casa app, and the hardware device itself.

How do I do it?

To begin, select "Tap to add a new signature" in the signing flow, then tap "Sign with QR code instead."

At the next screen, tap "Got it, I'm Ready."

Your Casa app will now show you a QR code.

Scan the QR code shown in your Casa app from your hardware device. The following image features a Keystone, but your device type may vary.


Once you've scanned the QR code in the Casa app using your hardware device, there's still one more important step. You'll next need to scan the QR code generated by your hardware device using the Casa app on your mobile phone.


When you're ready to scan, tap "Got it, I'm Ready to Scan," and scan the QR code.


Your transaction is now signed and ready to be broadcast on the network!


For specific instructions for your particular hardware device, please see the following articles: 

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Don't have one of these devices yet? See:

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