How to send from Trezor to Casa

This article details how to send funds on your Trezor device's single-signature wallet to your multi-key Casa vault.

If you've previously used a Trezor's single key wallet to protect your funds and are upgrading to Casa's multi-key vault protection, where the Trezor is one of multiple keys in your vault, you're increasing your security. 

You would first need to set up either your 3-key or 5-key vault.

After that's set up, you'll want to send the funds from your Trezor wallet to your Casa app. This process is essentially the same as you would follow to send funds anywhere else from your Trezor.

Holding your own keys is critically important! As they say, "Not your keys, not your coins." If you hold your own keys and keep them safe, nobody can take your funds from you.

Trezors are a great way to hold your own keys securely, but if you make a mistake, you may lose your funds. If your Trezor gets lost or destroyed and you don’t have a backup of your seed phrase, your funds are likely lost. Also, if someone gets a hold of your seed, they can steal your money!

Casa vaults have your back. You still have the protection of a Trezor, but it is only one of the keys in your keyset. If it gets lost or destroyed, you can still use your mobile key and the Casa recovery key to replace it and recover your funds. And even if someone gets your Trezor's seed, they can't steal your funds, because they don't have enough keys.

To move your funds from your Trezor's single key wallet to your Casa vault:

1. Open Trezor Suite and unlock your Trezor

Open Trezor Suite and connect your Trezor to your computer.

Be sure you use the cable that came with your Trezor, or at least one that is rated for data transfer. Some cables are only rated for charging and cannot be used for this.

Enter your Trezor's PIN. If you have a passcode, select "Hidden wallet" and enter your passcode. If you do not, select "Standard wallet."


2. Open the Casa app

Sign into the Casa app on your mobile device. Make sure you have your vault selected at the top, then click the down arrow or swipe up to show your existing balance.

Click the "Receive" button at the bottom to get your deposit address.


Example deposit address for BTC

3. Copy your receive address from the Casa app to Trezor Suite

If your computer has a webcam, Trezor Suite makes this easy. Click the "Send" button and then hover over the Address input field. You’ll see a small button appear that says "Scan" with a tiny QR code picture.

You may have to allow Trezor Suite to access your camera, but once you do, hold your phone with the Casa app QR code up to your computer's webcam to scan the address.

If your computer does not have a webcam, you’ll need to use an app that you can access on both your mobile device and your computer, like Signal, Wire, or Telegram. You can copy the address from Casa App, send it to yourself on Signal, and then copy it on your computer into Trezor Suite.

4. Send!

Now that you have the address, set an amount to send in Trezor Suite. You may want to send a smaller test transaction before you transfer your whole balance, but once you have confirmed everything is working, hover over the "Amount" box and a small "Send Max" button will appear. Click that so you don’t leave any sats behind!

You can review the fees and set a different option if you want, but "Normal" works fine.

Then click the green "Review & Send" button.

Enter your Trezor’s PIN again in the screen that opens up, then confirm on the screen of your Trezor that everything looks right, especially the address! If it does, click the "Confirm" button on your Trezor.

The yellow dots on the screen in Trezor Suite will turn to green checkmarks and the Send button will turn green.

Give that "Send" button a click and your funds will be on their way to multi-key protection in your Casa app!

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