Using multiple Casa accounts

There are many options for account configuration at Casa, including having multiple Casa accounts if this suits your needs.

  • Casa Silver membership offers a Single Key wallet.
  • Casa Gold membership includes a Single Key wallet, as well as a 2-of-3 Basic Multisig wallet (with the option to have a subaccount).
  • Casa Platinum and Diamond memberships include a Single Key wallet, 2-of-3 Basic Multisig (with the option to have a subaccount), and a 3-of-5 Key Shield keyset (with the ability to add up to four subaccounts).

If you want funds to be protected by different sign-in credentials or different keys (or even if you just want them completely separate for easier record-keeping or to meet self-directed IRA requirements), you might want to create multiple completely separate Casa accounts. Creating multiple Casa accounts is encouraged if it meets your needs, and permissible within our terms of service.

If you want to set up multiple accounts, you'll need a few things:

1. Unique email addresses:

Since you sign into Casa App using a unique email address, you will need a unique email address for each account you want to open. You cannot create multiple accounts using the same email address.

Some email providers, such as Gmail and Proton, have a feature called "aliases" which enables you to have a different email alias within the same email account by adding a "+" sign before the "@" sign in your email address.

For example, if your email address were "," you could create a Casa account with that email address, but also "" and the emails for both Casa accounts would go to the same "" email inbox.

You may also set up your accounts with completely different email addresses, which can increase your privacy. 

2. Casa App:

No matter how many memberships you have, you will always manage all of your accounts through Casa App. You can sign in or out of as many Casa accounts as you'd like on the same phone.

The Mobile Key, which is stored on your phone and backed up encrypted to your phone's integrated cloud account, will not be affected by managing multiple Casa accounts on the same phone and cloud account. A distinct key will be generated for each account.

To switch accounts, go the "Account" tab in Casa App and scroll down to "Sign Out." Then sign back in to your other account using your other email address and password.

For redundant backup of the Mobile Key and Single Key, consider printing out the encrypted QR backup(s) for each unique Casa account you have.

3. Hardware wallet(s):

For any paid membership with Casa, you will need to set up the hardware device key(s) for your Basic Multisig or Key Shield separately for each account. Just like with Casa App, you can use the same hardware wallets for as many Casa accounts as you'd like. For best security practice, we recommend using unique hardware devices for each Casa account (though if you do choose to reuse the same devices, Casa App will work perfectly fine with the same hardware devices on multiple accounts).

Whatever your reason, Casa App is prepared to support as many accounts for you as you would like to use.

Haven't tried Casa yet? You can sign up for a free, 30-day trial of Casa Gold.

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