Where to purchase your hardware device

Casa supports a wide range of hardware devices that you can use as part of your Casa vault setup. Our list of supported hardware devices contains up-to-date information on the devices we support, as well as firmware and other device recommendations.

If you are a Platinum or Diamond member, we send you a welcome package that includes all the hardware devices you need for your setup, including complimentary device replacement when necessary. 

If you are a Gold member, you must provide a hardware device for use as one of the keys in your 3-key vault. 

The best way to purchase a hardware device is directly from the manufacturer. Some hardware devices also have a conglomerate of authorized resellers from which you can purchase the devices. The list of authorized resellers, where applicable, is available from each manufacturer's website.


Ledger devices, including the Ledger Nano S/S+ and the Ledger Nano X, can be purchased directly from Ledger here:




Trezor devices, including the Trezor One and Trezor Model T, can be purchased directly from Trezor here:




Coldcard devices, including the Mk3 and Mk4, offer "airgapped" signing via SD card, and can be purchased here:




Only the previous version of the Passport device, the Foundation Passport V1, is currently compatible with Casa. The newest version, the Passport (Batch 2), is currently not compatible with Casa.

The compatible device is unfortunately no longer for sale on the Foundation website (they only sell the newest model). Until Casa offers full support for the new device, you should not purchase the new device with the goal of using it for your Casa vault.


The Keystone device, which also offers QR code signing, can be purchased here: 



No matter which hardware device you decide to get, we're excited to support you in your journey to self sovereignty.

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