Can I send NFTs, ERC-20, or other tokens to the Casa app?

The only ethereum network asset that the Casa app supports is ether (ETH).

Some ethereum wallets allow one to interact with ethereum smart contracts, app, and tokens. Other wallets, like Casa, are focused on long-term security of assets.

Casa vaults are multisig smart contract addresses for users of the Casa app. The smart contract creates a wallet with multiple keys, with a smaller key quorum needed to spend funds (e.g., a "2-of-3" wallet, or a "3-of-5" wallet).

Casa does not currently support ERC-20 token assets, or any other token assets such as NFTs. If you send tokens or NFTs to the Casa app, you will not be able to later send them via the Casa app. The only ethereum network asset that Casa supports is ether (ETH).

We are careful about the assets we add, but we do hope to support additional assets such as tokens and NFTs in the future, but for now, do not send these assets to your Casa app. 

What if I sent these assets to the Casa app by accident?

If you sent other assets besides ether (ETH) to an ethereum address shown to you in your Casa app, you will need to use your keys with an external application to spend your funds. 

Exposing your keys to any 3rd-party service reduces your security by enlarging the possible surface area of attack. Therefore, we don't recommend sending your funds outside of your Casa app unless absolutely necessary, and you should avoid this scenario by not sending any assets other than ether (ETH) to your Casa ethereum deposit address(es).

Please see Sovereign Recovery for ETH Pay or Sovereign Recovery for ethereum vaults if you need to recover other assets sent to your ETH vault's contract address.

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