Sovereign Recovery for ETH Pay

In the unlikely event that Casa goes offline without warning (we don't ever plan on doing this!), and the Casa app is not available for signing transactions, you can still recover your ether that is stored in your ETH Pay wallet.

We call this "Sovereign Recovery" of your ETH Pay wallet, and it's meant to be used in an emergency scenario in which Casa disappears or is otherwise not responsive.

For instructions of how to recovery ethereum vault funds out side of Casa, see Sovereign Recovery for ethereum vaults.

How it works

You have the ability to recover ETH Pay funds outside of Casa by recording the derivation path and exporting ETH Pay's seed phrase from the app.

NOTE: Do not export the ETH Pay seed phrase unless absolutely necessary! This feature is intended to be used only in the unlikely event that Casa "goes dark."

For details on how to find the derivation path and export the seed phrase, see Exporting the seed phrase for Casa Pay.

Once you have written down the derivation path and exported the seed phrase for your ETH Pay wallet, you're ready to recover funds outside of Casa.

You'll first need to use a mnemonic code converter like this one.

Enter your seed phrase where it says "BIP-39 Mnemonic," and select "ETH - Ethereum" as the "Coin" type.


Below, select "BIP32," and "Custom derivation path," and enter your specific derivation path.  (Please note that the derived addresses will have a /0 added to the end of your entered derivation path.  If your path is m/45'/60/0/0/0 then you will enter m/45'/60/0/0 with one less /0 since the tool will append the last /0 automatically)


Below, under "Derived addresses," copy the first entry's private key.

Next, you'll be using MetaMask to import that private key.

Download MetaMask Chrome extension at

Click "Create a new wallet" in MetaMask. 


Once you've created a new wallet, you would:

  1. Click the circle icon (next to the network name)
  2. Select Import Account
  3. Paste the private key from the mnemonic code converter

You have now imported your see phrase into MetaMask, and can use MetaMask as normal to send funds to any ETH address you choose.

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