Video support sessions for Standard members


Casa Standard members can purchase a 30 minute support session with an Advisor at Casa, who can assist with everything from going over the features of the app, hardware device troubleshooting, or answer any questions you may have.

This article goes over what to expect during your session.

Purchase a session

In order to purchase a support session, you must have at least one vault set up. If you would like to book a session, you can do so from the Overview tab in the membership portal or from the Help tab in the Casa app.

After you complete your purchase, you will be prompted to schedule a call. You will also see a booking link in the email confirmation if it is not convenient for you to schedule at the time of purchase.

Once you've chosen your desired time slot, you will see a selection of issues to you might need assistance with. Select from the following topics: Recovery assistance, Funds transfer, Key rotation, UTXO consolidation, Firmware upgrade, Device troubleshooting.

Preparing for your session

Prior to your call, please collect the following items to ensure the call is successful:

  • Hardware wallet device(s)
  • Associated dongles/connector cables*
  • Mobile device
  • Laptop/computer (logged into the Casa membership portal)
  • Relevant passwords/PINs/seed phrases

*It is important to use the specific dongle/connector cables matching your hardware wallet device and your computer as this can often be a cause of issues

You can refer to this article on supported platforms and hardware device firmware.

Problems during your session

If you are not prepared at the beginning of the call, your Advisor will wait for you to locate the items and attempt to assist you for the remaining duration of the call. If the issue is not a Casa-based issue and is not resolved during the call, you will need to book a subsequent session (e.g. if your funds are timelocked by an exchange as a result of 2FA setting, you will need to book a subsequent session).

If your problem is resolved during the session, please feel free to use the remaining time to explore other topics. Your Advisor will be happy to assist until time runs out.


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