Resetting the password on a Casa Node 1

Casa does not have access to your password, and does does store it in any way. Doing so is a contradiction to our company's mission to enable self sovereignty!

Because we do not store or have access to this information, it's very important that you do not forget your Node's password! If you do forget your Node's password, you'll need to wipe and reboot your Casa Node by performing a factory reset. Note that a factory reset will cause you to lose any funds that are in Lightning channels prior to the reset. If you have your seed phrase written down correctly, you can recover funds that were in the on-chain wallet.

You CAN change your node's password if you know your current password.

If you know your node's password, and would like to change it, first click Settings in the System window of your dashboard: 


Then, click "Change Password:"


Then, enter your current password, as well as the password you want to change to. Make sure it's something strong! 

We recommend using a password manager to generate and save the password for you.

Once you've entered your new password, click "Set New Password."


In the event that you do not have access to your current password, you will need to factory reset your Casa Node. Again, note that funds you may have in Lightning channels will be lost!

To perform a wipe and restart, you'll need a monitor and keyboard to log into the CLI on your node. Once you have the monitor and keyboard connected:

1. Log in to the command line with   

    Username: casa

    Password: casa

2. Run the following command exactly as written:

curl -L | sh

3. Wait 30 minutes and then go through the onboarding process again. You'll choose to generate a new seed phrase, and set a new password.

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