Using Tor to access your Casa Node remotely

Want to increase the quality time you spend with your Casa Node? We totally understand!

The easiest way to use your Casa Node to send and receive payments while away from your LAN (Local Area Network) was by using Sats App for iPhone and Android (since deprecated). 

For full access to all of the features of your Casa Node, you can easily use a Tor browser to connect to your Dashboard, no matter where you are in the internet-connected world.

Before you're able to access your Casa Node's Dashboard remotely using Tor, you'll first need to enable Tor connections on your Casa Node

Once you've enabled Tor connections, you'll see a "Sats App and Tor Dashboard Address" appear in the "Connections" section of the settings window on your node's dashboard. It looks like this:


This connection address lets you access your node's dashboard securely from outside your home WiFi network by using a Tor browser. You should copy and keep this address somewhere safe and secret. For security purposes, you should not share your Sats App and Tor Dashboard Address.

Note that using the Tor Browser may be slower than a browser like Chrome or Safari due to Tor’s added privacy layers. You can read more about it in our Tor explainer article.

If you don't already have a Tor browser, you can download one here from the Tor Project website.

Once you're set up with a Tor browser, open the Tor browser. Copy your "Sats App and Tor Dashboard Address" and paste into the search bar of the Tor browser.


You can now connect to your Casa Node from anywhere in the internet-connected world!

 It's the best long-distance relationship you'll ever have.

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