Why can't I see my node on an explorer?

Our Lightning explorer tool and other Lightning explorers will only detect nodes that have active, open channels.

If you don't have any open channels, you won't be able to find your node on explore.casa or other explorers.

If you have bitcoin in your node's wallet and would like to open a Lightning channel, the easiest way to do this is by enabling Autopilot. Autopilot on your node will automatically open and manage channels in the background.

You can enable Autopilot on your node by navigating the the "Manage" section of your Lightning dashboard.

If you already have open channels that are confirmed on the blockchain, and you are still unable to see your node on explore.casa, you may need to enable port forwarding or, even better, enable Tor connections.

Once you have open, active channels, it may take some time before Lightning explorers see your node.

Lightning and bitcoin explorers are a bit different. Bitcoin explorers have nodes that see every transaction on the chain, whereas Lightning explorers can only see the nodes that they are connected to, and the node connected to those nodes, and so on.

So the Lightning explorer can only see the network "from where it's standing," so to speak.

This query takes some time, but if you have an open channel, it should reflect on an explorer at some point (hopefully) soon.

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