Reinstalling Docker

The Casa Node 1 and Casa Node 2 both integrate software called Docker, which allows the node to operate different applications on the node within their own environments, called "containers."

Bitcoind and LND, for example, operate within their own respective containers when the node is running. 


Data within the Docker containers can be become corrupted, and it may be necessary to reinstall Docker. 

Reinstalling Docker can be a good general troubleshooting step if other troubleshooting steps have been exhausted.

If I reinstall Docker, will my funds be safe?

No! Prior to reinstalling Docker, you will need to take additional steps to ensure you don't lose access to any funds you may have on the node, especially if you have funds in Lightning Network channels.

Reinstalling Docker will wipe pretty much everything on your node.

The backup seed phrase you have will restore funds on the node's BTC wallet, but it will not restore funds you may have in Lightning channels. If you have significant funds in Lightning channels, I recommend following our guideline for SCB recovery on the Casa Node.

See: Static channel backup recovery

How do I reinstall Docker?

With a keyboard and monitor connected to your node, log into the node with: 
Username: casa 
Password: casa

(On the Casa Node 2, the password will be <your node's unique password>)

Alternatively, you can potentially enable SSH to more easily run commands on your node. 

Enabling SSH (Casa Node 1)

Enabling SSH (Casa Node 2)

Once you have access to the CLI, run this command exactly as written:

curl -L | sh

This will wipe all data stored in Docker, including bitcoind and lnd channel data.

The Casa Node will restart after this and take about 30-60 minutes for the user interface to return.

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