Buying bitcoin with Casa

Casa makes self-custody of your bitcoin easy and secure. You can also purchase bitcoin right inside your Casa App, and have it delivered to your wallet where you control the keys.


As much as 50% of all bitcoin in circulation is held by third-party custodians.

Not only does this mean you're missing out on one of bitcoin's key values, the ability to have full control and full sovereignty over your money, but it also makes the bitcoin network itself less resilient. Read more about that in our CTO Jameson Lopp's blog post:

The custodian menace

When done right, holding your own bitcoin is far more secure than keeping it on an exchange. Self-custody eliminates an entire class of risks to your bitcoin. Casa helps you do it right, with an experience that’s just as easy as a custodial app. 

You are now free to skip the exchange altogether.

What personal info is required?

We've worked to keep information intake as minimal as possible, for both convenience and safety.

All that's normally required is: card information, full name, email, phone number, and address. Wyre may also request an upload of a government-issued ID document.

This is collected and verified through Apple Pay and our purchase partner Wyre. No personal data passes through Casa servers or is stored by Casa at any point in the process.

A note for our privacy-conscious and/or pseudonymous clients:

  • This feature has no impact on existing or future pseudonymous clients. All existing KYC-free features are preserved.
  • This feature is 100% opt-in. If you decide not to use the Buy BTC feature, you can still use Casa like normal. You will never be prompted to provide personal info.
  • This feature in no way changes Casa's regulatory model.

Can I sell my bitcoin from Casa App?

No. Currently, we only support buying (and holding!) bitcoin.

Who is your purchase partner?

Our bitcoin purchase partner is Wyre. Founded in 2013, Wyre is one of the longest successfully running companies in the ecosystem, and is backed by several of its most respected investors, including Pantera, Kraken, and Boost VC.

How old do I have to be? 

You must be at least 18 years old to use Casa's Buy BTC service. 

What U.S. states and countries do you support?

We support almost all U.S. states, and countries on every continent. Here's our full list of supported regions for buying bitcoin.

Limits, fees, and getting started

Fees and limits will vary depending on your region and whether or not you’re using a linked bank account or a debit card.

For information and details regarding using a linked bank account (US only), please see:

Purchasing bitcoin via linked bank account (ACH)

For information and details regarding using a debit card to purchase, please see:

Purchasing bitcoin via a debit card

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