Can I use Bluetooth with Ledger Nano X?

Ledger Nano X, a popular hardware device (as well as one of Casa's supported hardware devices), has a Bluetooth functionality built in from the manufacturer, which allows it to connect to the Ledger Live app suite.


When you use a Ledger device with Casa, though, you are using the device in a different way. Rather than being its own single-signature wallet, the Ledger is simply one of multiple signing keys in a larger set of keys when it's added to Casa. Casa even uses a unique web interface to facilitate signing transactions from the Casa app. 

Because of Casa's current implementation of our secure web interface, you cannot currently use the Bluetooth function on the Ledger Nano X to connect to Casa when applying transaction signatures. You must physically connect your Ledger to your laptop or desktop computer via a USB cable that is capable of transferring data (not just charging). The cable that comes with your Ledger device should work for this.

If you also use your Ledger Nano X to secure assets outside of Casa with the Ledger Live app, then you should be able to use the Bluetooth functionality to facilitate those transactions through Ledger Live. 

It's possible that Casa will offer the ability for Bluetooth-based signing using the Ledger Nano X in the future, if it can be done in a way that meets our security standards. 

Don't have a Ledger Nano X yet? See our article Where to purchase a Ledger device to find out where to get one.

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