Dongles and Connector Cables for your Hardware Device.

Dongles and connector cables play a crucial role in optimizing the functionality of your hardware wallet, ensuring seamless connectivity across various devices. Let's explore two essential accessories:

1. USB A to USB C Adapter for Mac users:

For Mac users, compatibility is key. USB A to USB C adapter bridges the gap, allowing you to connect your hardware wallet to your Macbook. cables.jpeg

2. SD Card + SD Card Reader for airgapped devices:

Users of airgapped devices such as Coldcard, Keystone, or Passport can enhance their security with an SD card and an SD card reader. This combination simplifies the transfer of data between your airgapped device and computer. The SD card reader connects seamlessly to USB A ports. If you have a Macbook, you will also need the dongle mentioned above.

sd cards.jpegsd card jeadre.jpeg


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