Sending funds from the Casa app

Once you have funds in your Casa vault or Pay key, you can easily send to any address, any time.

From the Casa app home screen, start by tapping the 5-key or 3-key vault or Pay key that you're sending from. If you have multiple subaccounts in a vault, you'll first need to select the individual account you want to send from.

From there, tap "Send." (Note: The "Send" button does not appear if the vault is empty.)

Example view for a 3-key BTC vault

After tapping "Send," enter the amount you want to send, then tap "Choose Recipient" and either scan or paste an address to send to. You'll notice that there are also shortcuts to send to your other wallet(s) in the app.

Entering the amount and "to" address

Once you enter the address you're sending to, a confirmation screen appears. You'll notice that you have the ability to change your transaction speed by adjusting the mining fee paid to the network. If your transaction is urgent, you may want to pay a higher fee to prioritize its processing. If you're not in a hurry for your transaction to confirm, you may choose a smaller fee.

Selecting your fee level

Once you swipe up to confirm, you will now sign the transaction with your keys.

If you're sending from your Pay key

That's it! Pay key wallets just need a single signature to send funds, which is applied automatically by the Casa app, and the funds are sent on the blockchain.

If you're sending from a vault

The mobile key signature (if you use a mobile key) is added automatically, so the transaction will have one signature already applied. 

3-key vault users will need to apply one additional transaction signature from their hardware device.

5-key vault users will need to apply two additional transaction signatures from any two of their hardware devices.

To sign using the hardware device, tap "Tap to add a new signature" The instructions to do this will vary depending on your specific hardware device. 


For Ledger and Trezor, you would need to click the link from your email on a desktop or laptop computer, and follow the steps given, as illustrated below:


GIF example: Ledger transaction signing

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In place of one of the keys you control, you may also use the Casa Recovery Key, which is meant to be used only if you've lost access to one of your other keys or your key is not working. 

Once enough signatures have been applied, the app will allow you to send the transaction:

Example view for a 3-key BTC vault

Once you give it the final approval, your transaction will be broadcast to the network and eventually confirmed!

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