Team Signing

Team signing, available at the Diamond level of membership, is a feature that makes it easy for families and small teams to use Casa multisig to jointly secure funds.

With team signing, Casa Diamond members are able to assign each of the keys in their 3 of 5 multisig keyset to different people. 

Team signing is available to all Diamond members at no additional cost. If you're currently a Diamond member and would like to add family members or teammates to your Key Shield, you can contact your client advisor for next steps.

How it works

The original Diamond user is designated as "Team Leader," and the additional users are co-signers.

The Team Leader can use Casa App to assign keys to different signers, (up to the three total hardware keys you own). Distributing keys increases physical security due to the geographic dispersion (they aren't all sitting in one place), and it allows multiple decision makers to sign off when Bitcoin is spent.




Adding keys and signing works exactly like it does currently - it's a simple process of connecting your hardware wallet to your computer and approving the action. If a teammate is assigned to a key, the request for a signature will go directly to them.




The Team Leader has control over who manages the keys after the keyset is set up. So if a spouse or colleague loses a key, you can safely rotate out their key and replace it with a new one.




The Team Leader can also request a Health Check from each teammate to ensure they still have access to their device.

Since the keys are distributed amongst different people, we recommend running health checks once a month to ensure the keys are safe and accessible.

You can learn more about our Diamond membership here or book some time with our team to chat more about what's right for you

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