Private Client inheritance program

Casa's inheritance program for Private Clients

Traditionally speaking, estate planning has well-defined best practices within legacy financial institutions. Upon an individual's death, the executor named by the will gathers the assets of the estate for distribution. Legacy assets such as cash, investments, and real estate are processed and distributed. Digital assets, however, are digital bearer assets and are anything but traditional. This raises a few important questions:

  • How do I ensure that my digital assets pass to the right person(s) when I die? 
  • What if my heirs are not knowledgeable about digital assets? 
  • How do I provide my heir(s) enough information to recover my digital assets without compromising my security? 

Casa has developed a simple and safe way to support your Recovery Custodian(s) in assuming control of your digital assets in the event of your passing. 

Identifying Recovery Custodians

The program allows clients to register a primary and secondary Recovery Custodian (RC) with Casa. The primary RC is the individual you want to have control of your digital assets if you die. This can be an heir, executor, or trustee. The secondary RC is the individual you want to recover your digital assets if the primary RC is not available. Registration of RCs enables the instantaneous transfer of your Casa account and subscription services to them on your death.

The ideal Recovery Custodians are the trustees or executors of your estate plan, since the Recovery Custodians will be responsible for handling all legal and tax implications of receiving your digital assets upon death.

Setting up the inheritance envelopes

Once registered, Casa will mail each of your RCs an inheritance envelope. We will provide support and instructions on what information you need to add to the envelopes. The envelopes contain both encrypted and analog information and provide your RCs with the tools needed to recover your digital assets, while maintaining world-class security. Casa will fully support your RCs to take custody of your digital assets no matter their prior knowledge level. You can rest easy knowing your inheritors will be in good hands. 

Inheritance Services Private Client Premium membership
Immediate transfer of Casa account Yes No
Inheritance package Yes No
Recovery fee to transfer account No Yes
Assistance setting up an inheritance plan Yes No
Letter of Administration to transfer account No Yes

Have more inheritance questions? Contact us using the help or concierge button on the Account tab of the Casa app.









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