How to move funds between wallets in your Casa App

Once you have set up your Casa App, you can easily send funds between any of your wallets! 

When you’re ready to move your funds using Casa App, start by swiping up from the bottom of your main screen to access your wallets. 

Click on the send button on the bottom left and enter the amount you want to send, then tap "Choose Recipient," then under Send Shortcuts, tap the account you would like to send funds. 

Note: You will incur on-chain fees when moving funds between wallets. 

You can select the speed of transaction by clicking on the transaction speed and selecting the preferred speed and fee then tap on Review Send.

Once you have reviewed the transaction swipe up to confirm. You will now sign the transaction with your key(s).

If you're sending from your Single Key wallet, there's just one signature to apply, and it is done automatically.

For those using 2-of-3 Basic Multisig, you need 2 total signatures to send a transaction; normally the signatures from your Mobile Key and your hardware key.  

For those using 3-of-5 Key Shield, you need 3 total signatures to send a transaction; the signatures from your Mobile Key and any two of your hardware keys.  

The Mobile Key signature is added automatically. To add your second signature, tap the key you want to sign with and complete the signing process. 

The hardware device signing process will look different depending on what device you're using. 

See our section on Signing with a hardware device for instructions specific to your device.

Once it's signed, Casa App will allow you to send the transaction:

Once you give it the final approval, your transaction will be broadcast to the network for confirmation.

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