How to Receive USDT or USDC to your 3-key or 5-key vaults

Adding funds to your Casa vault is quick and easy!

Once all of your keys are set up, you'll be able to deposit funds right away, but it's best practice to perform a health check on your keys before adding funds.

If you haven't set up your keys yet, see either Getting started with the 3-key vault or Getting started with the 5-key vault, depending on your membership level. 

*USDT and USDC are not supported on the single Pay Wallet*

To deposit USDT or USDC, you would:

  1. Tap on the ETH vault
  2. Select the Token you wish to deposit 
  3. Tap "Deposit funds"
  4. Send to the address provided by scanning the QR code from another device, or by using the copied address text

Receive USDC Gif.gif


The funds you deposit to your Casa vault will be visible in the Casa app after the transaction is broadcast to the blockchain. Please note that some exchanges batch transactions to save on fees and may not broadcast your transaction immediately.



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