How to withdraw from Kraken

We’ve all heard that storing your funds on an exchange is risky. Exchanges have been hacked, exchange founders have died or disappeared and the keys to the funds have been lost, and authorities have even seized assets. If you want to protect your funds, you need to hold them yourself.

If you’re ready to upgrade to Casa’s multisig protection and have set up your Casa multisig wallet, you’re ready to send the funds from your Kraken account to Casa App. This process is essentially the same as you would follow to send funds anywhere else from your Kraken account.

This procedure may change from time to time, so if any of the below is outdated, please be sure to check Kraken’s own support page here:

 How to withdraw cryptocurrencies from your Kraken account

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1. Sign into Kraken

Once you enter your username, password, and Sign-in 2FA code (and confirm your device by email if necessary) on the sign-in page, you’ll be on your homepage.

2. Click the "Funding" tab at the top, then the "Withdraw" button


3. Click the "Withdraw" button and select the currency you want to withdraw from the pop-up


4. Get your receive address from Casa App

Sign into Casa App on your mobile device. Make sure you have your multisig wallet selected at the top, then click the down arrow to show your existing balance.

Click the big "Receive" button at the bottom. Click the "Copy" button to copy your receive address.

5. Back on Kraken, click the "Withdraw" button and, if applicable, the relevant network.


6. Click "Add a new withdrawal address." Give your address a unique description, then enter your receive address from Casa App into Kraken

You’ll need to use an app that you can access on both your mobile device and your computer, like Signal, Wire, or Telegram. Send the copied Casa App deposit address to yourself from your mobile phone, then copy it on your computer, then paste the address into Kraken. Verify the address by clicking the link in the email Kraken will send you.

7. Enter the amount you want to withdraw, or click the "100%" button to withdraw your whole balance


8. Send!

Click the "Withdraw" button at the bottom and review the details.

If everything looks correct, click "Continue." If you have Funding 2FA set up, you may need to enter that code.

Your funds will now be on their way to multisig protection in Casa App!

See how easy that was? Sign up for a free trial of our Gold Membership with a 2-of-3 Basic Multisig wallet today!

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