Linking your Casa Node to Sats App

Sats App is no longer available for download, but will still run if you already have the app installed on your phone.

Sats App, the easiest way to use bitcoin and Lightning from your iPhone or Android, allows you to connect to and control your Casa Node. 

It's not necessary to link a node to use Sats App. However, if you have a node, we highly recommend it! Connecting your node makes for the best Sats App experience.

To connect your Casa Node to Sats App, first tap "Connect a Casa Node."


Then, select "Connect my Casa Node."


Make sure Tor is enabled on your node for both bitcoin and Lightning! If Tor is not enabled, Sats App won't be able to connect to your node. If it's enabled, tap "Continue. It's Enabled."


You can connect your Casa Node with your node's Sats App connection code.


Your Sats App connection code can be found by clicking "Connections" in the settings window of your node's dashboard. You can also click to view the QR code, which you can scan from Sats App (recommended).


Once you've entered or scanned the connection code, you'll get the option to link your Sats Tag to your node. We recommend linking your SatsTag so that your SatsTag can be used by others to make payments to you easily.


That's it! Your node is now linked to Sats App.

Not sure what do do next? Why not send a Heartbeat?

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