Guided vs. manual recovery transactions

When a key is replaced in a Casa BTC vault, an entirely new vault is created. Because of this, funds must be transferred from the "old" vault to the "new" one

Note that replacing a key in ETH vaults simply updates the smart contract, and does not create a new vault. Because of this, there is no funds transfer necessary, so this article applies to BTC only.

When making this transfer to a new BTC vault in the Casa app, either when doing a standard key rotation, or when doing a recovery transaction, the app will easily create the transaction for you using what we call "guided recovery."

Users transferring to a new keyset will also have the option to create a transaction manually using "manual recovery."

Guided recovery

Guided recovery is the easiest way to transition to a new keyset in the Casa app. It does a few things on your behalf: 

  •     Creates the transaction
  •     Sets the amount of the transaction (the full balance) 
  •     Determines the address to send the transaction to (the address for your new vault)
  •     Ensures that the address you're sending to is safe (part of your new vault)

We recommend guided recovery for all recovery transactions. 

To create a transaction using guided recovery when transferring to a new keyset, tap "Continue Guided Recovery," and follow the prompt to create the transaction, as shown below.


Manual recovery

Optionally, you can also choose manual recovery when transferring your balance.

With manual recovery, you have the option to set a custom transaction amount, as well as enter any BTC address to send to, which can include an address that is external to any of your Casa vaults. 

Note: If you are transferring to an address external to Casa, you will not be able to use a device that you have marked for replacement. You will only be able to use the devices that are active in that keyset.

Because the Casa app is not able to determine if the address you're sending to is safe, we generally do not recommend manual recovery. 

Since guided recovery is initiated by default, you must first cancel guided recovery to initiate manual recovery. You can do this by tapping "Perform Manual Recovery," as shown above.

Next, tap your vault, then tap "Transfer Funds." Select the Archived Keyset that has a "Transfer Funds" button showing. (If you have replaced keys in the past, you will also see your previous archived keysets.)


You should now be viewing the transaction history and balance of the archived keyset. From here, you can tap the "Send" button to initiate the transaction as you would under normal circumstances, either using one of the shortcuts to send to one of your Casa addresses, or entering an external address. We recommend using the "Send Max" button to make sure you send your whole balance. 


That's it! Your funds are now on their way!

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