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Casa's referral program lets Casa members get rewarded for referring friends to Casa with a simple referral link. It's our way of saying "Thank you!" for helping your friends and family learn about the safest, easiest way to store their digital assets. 

Exclusions: the referral feature is only available to Casa Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members who pay by credit card or bank transfer. The Referral feature is not available to those customers who use the in-app purchasing feature.

How it works

You can find and share your referral link from the "Account" tab (the "person" icon at the top left) in your Casa app.

When you're ready to invite a friend, just copy or share your referral link! If they sign up for a Casa Gold, Platinum, or Diamond membership, you both get discounts on your memberships in the form of Casa credit.

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Ways to earn

If you refer a friend and they join, they get an immediate discount on their new membership. You get that same discount applied as "Casa credit," which is automatically applied to your next renewal payment or upgrade.

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The bonus both you and your friend get will vary based on the membership they purchase:

  • If the friend you refer joins as a Gold member, both you and your friend get a $10 discount.
  • If the friend you refer joins as a Platinum member, both you and your friend get a $100 discount.
  • If the friend you refer joins as a Diamond member, both you and your friend get a $250  discount.


How do I know when a friend signed up?

You'll get an email and notification letting you know that a friend you referred signed up. Please note, it will not provide any account information about the person who signed up.

Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer? 

While there's no limit to the number of people you refer Casa to (we hope you'll tell everyone!), there is a maximum of $599 you can accrue in Casa credit in a given calendar year. We cap your annual rewards at $599 per calendar year only because anything in excess of this amount would require that we collect personal information on you for tax purposes. Because privacy is a core value at Casa, we opt to stay under this threshold.

While you can only accrue a maximum of $599 worth of Casa credits each calendar year, the Casa credits you do have will roll over to the following calendar year. So come January of each year, you can continue to accrue Casa credits beyond the $599 annual cap.

How can I track my Casa credit? 

Just tap Refer a Friend from the Account page in your Casa app to get an overview of the Casa credit you've earned to date:

  • Redeemed - The amount of discounts that have been applied so far
  • Available - The amount of Casa credit that will be applied to your next purchase or upgrade
  • Pending - The amount of Casa credit that is still in the 60-day pending period (see FAQ below)

How is the discount applied?

Your Casa credit can be used for any paid Casa membership. The credit will be applied automatically anytime you renew a membership or want to upgrade to a higher tier. If the amount of Casa credit exceeds the amount of your next payment, the balance will be saved and applied to your subsequent payment.

Also note: Casa credit gets applied to your Casa account 60 days after the friend that you've referred has made their first membership payment, which may not be until 30 days after they've signed up (90 days total), and will be voided in the event of a chargeback, cancellation, or refund. The person you refer must sign up directly from the link you provide them. Sharing the link with someone by itself does not constitute a referral if they don't sign up using your unique link. If this happens, Casa won't be able to credit your account for the referral. 

*This promotion is not valid with any other offers.*

Can I use this feature with in-app purchasing?

No. Casa customers who are billed through Apple or Google from within the app will not be able to take advantage of the Refer a Friend feature.

Is this anonymous / pseudonymous? 

If you're like many people and are using Casa pseudonymously, you can remain pseudonymous. You can share your referral link without needing to give out any personal information. Neither your name nor your email address are viewable to the person you referred. 

Likewise, if you are signing up using someone else's referral link, you can be assured that your name, email, and any other information about you is not viewable by the person who referred you. They will only see that someone has signed up using their link.

Example 1

You are a Casa Gold member who referred two friends to Casa. One purchased their own Gold membership and the other purchased a Platinum membership.

The Gold referral gives you $10 in Casa credit.

The Platinum referral gives you an additional $100 in Casa credit.

When your membership is up for renewal, you will have a total of $110 in Casa credits that will be applied to your account. That means that instead of paying the normal $120 for a Gold membership renewal, you'll instead pay just $10. 

Example 2

You're a Casa Gold customer who wants to upgrade to Platinum. You referred 20 friends to their own Gold memberships, giving you $200 in Casa credits. 

When you upgrade to Platinum, you'll get $200 off your first membership payment. 

Can I use the Refer a Friend program if I sign up through Choice?

If you're a Choice customer, you can still refer friends to Casa! Every friend you refer will still receive an instant discount on their first year of membership. However, because technically your account is through Choice, you will not receive the referral discount on your next renewal. Likewise, if a friend refers you to Casa and you sign up via Choice, you'll still need to pay the full first year membership payment.

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