Trezor troubleshooting

Casa supports both the Trezor One and the Trezor Model T. See our list of supported devices for a full list of the devices we support.

Whether you are adding the Trezor, performing a health check, or sending funds from your Casa vault, you interact with the Trezor API, a web interface that allows you to add a signature for your keyset easily.

You must download and install the Trezor Suite desktop app on your computer and keep it open in the background during the health check and transaction signing process. 

If you have installed Trezor Suite recently, you do not need also to install Trezor Bridge. However, if you are running an older version of Trezor Suite, your version of Trezor Suite may not have come with Trezor Bridge, and you may need to download Trezor Bridge separately.

See this article for a detailed explanation of Trezor Suite. 

The vast majority of Trezor errors are browser-related. We recommend using Chrome, but Brave or Firefox may also work. If you have tried one, please try a different one, especially if you have not yet tried Chrome. Please also make sure your browser is up-to-date.

Some other common Trezor errors include: 

Trezor's website gets stuck on "Loading..." or a blank screen.

Please ensure you have cookies enabled for regular or Incognito mode, depending on which mode you're using. Trezor's website does need to be able to store a cookie to link the device.

"This device is not part of your wallet."

Possible solutions: Make sure you are using the correct hardware device to sign the transaction or complete a health check.

If you are using passphrase protection on the device, you will need to enter that passphrase when prompted or you will receive this error. If you are not using a passphrase, leave this field blank.

"TrezorConnect is not defined/is undefined"

Possible solutions: Try another cable. Not all USB cables are rated for data transfer, so make sure that the USB cable you're connecting is the one that came with the Trezor, or is otherwise rated for data transfer (not just a charging cable).

Make sure to close anything else that would also be trying to communicate with the Trezor such as a watch-only wallet like Electrum.

"Session not found"

Possible solutions: Please make sure that there are no ad blockers or privacy browser settings that can trigger this error. Things like Privacy Badger should be turned off.

"Interaction timeout"

This can happen if you are attempting to sign a transaction with too many inputs. If this happens, you can always try sending a transaction that sends from fewer UTXOs in your keyset. The Casa app does have the ability to send from specific addresses. See: Sending from specific addresses

Hanging window/non-responsive window

This indicates a browser error. Please try a different browser or try to clear your cache. 

If you've tried the above steps and are still having issues, please reach out to our support team, and we're happy to assist.

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