Key rotation (replacing a key in Casa App)

Casa App makes it easy to replace a key in your keyset with another one.  

You may replace a key for several reasons: 

  • Your key was lost or damaged
  • You believe the key or the backup seed phrase may have been compromised
  • You wish to replace the key with a different one (i.e., to upgrade to a newer device)

This is also known as "rotating a key," or "key rotation."

Casa App allows both the Mobile Key and any hardware key to be replaced.

Please note: We consider saving a copy of your hardware device's seed phrase to be optional. If you do have a copy of the seed phrase, you could use it to restore the key on a new hardware device without replacing the key, in which case it would not be necessary to complete the following steps.

Replacing a key in your multisig keyset in Casa App is easy!

Replacing one of the keys in your keyset will create a whole new keyset. Once it's set up, you'll need to send a transaction from the old keyset to the new one.

Marking the old key for replacement:

The first step is to mark the key for replacement:

  1. Tap the icon for the key you want to replace (hardware key or Mobile Key).
  2. Tap "Replace Key."
  3. Read the explanation.
  4. Tap "Yes, Confirm."


Setting up the new key:

This follows the same procedure as when you set up a key for the first time, and depends on which kind of device you're setting up. In general, the steps are:

  1. Tap "Begin Replacement Process."
  2. Tap "Send email."
  3. Click the link in the email on your computer and follow the instructions for your device.

Once this is finished, your new keyset is ready to receive funds!

Transferring your funds to your new keyset:

You now have a whole new keyset in Casa App! But your funds are still in the old one. This part of the process looks different depending on whether you do or do not still have your original key.

If you DO have the old key:

You can sign the recovery transaction using your old keys. Remember: To move funds from the old keyset, you have to use the old keys. The new key cannot sign for the old keyset.

We recommend choosing "Guided Recovery," which will walk you through creating the transaction, setting the amount of the transaction (the full balance), and determining the address to send to (the address for your new keyset).

Once you've signed with both keys, the funds will transfer to the new keyset, and you can reset or dispose of your old key!

If you DO NOT have the old key:

You'll have to sign the recovery transaction using the key you do still have, and then request Casa sign with the Casa Recovery Key.

We recommend choosing "Guided Recovery," here too. You will have to answer your security questions and wait seven days for the Casa Recovery Key signature, then go back to Casa App to finalize and send the transaction.

Once your funds have transferred to the new keyset, you're ready to go!

One last thing:

If you had saved your Casa address anywhere, like whitelisting it on an exchange, be sure to update it to an address from your new keyset!

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