Standard Plus membership with 5-key vault

Casa's Standard Plus membership delivers additional redundancy to your multisig security setup.

"Multisig," short for "multisignature," is a form of digital key management that uses multiple keys to sign for the same transaction, with a minimum required portion of the keys required for sending.

Casa's Standard membership features an advanced 5-key vault. There are five total keys in your setup, and you can send funds by signing with any three of those five keys.

What features does the Standard Plus membership offer?

A Standard Plus membership offers:

  • Up to five 5-key vaults (one main account and four subaccounts)
  • Up to two 3-key vaults (optional; one main account and one subaccount)
  • Casa Pay, a single-key wallet
  • World-class email support with response times under 24 hours
  • Unlimited signing with the Casa Recovery Key

How much is a Standard Plus membership designed to secure? 

There is no minimum or maximum amount that customers can store on any of our plan levels.

That being said, we recommend the Standard Plus membership for those holding $75,000 USD to $500,000 USD and are comfortable with setting up their own hardware wallets to use as keys.

For those customers interested in one-on-one video support with our Client Services team, complimentary hardware devices, use of the Casa Recovery Key via video verification, or setting up Shared Accounts, we recommend that become a Premium Client.

For storing amounts over $500,000 USD, we recommend that you consider becoming a Private Client.


A Standard Plus member's home screen view

How much does a Standard Plus membership cost? 

A Casa Premium membership is $1,100 USD per year, paid annually. 

How do I get started with a Standard Plus membership? 

You can upgrade to a Standard Plus membership and get started right away here:

Want to chat more about a Standard Plus membership to see if it's right for you? You can book a call with our team here anytime.

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